Our Care Recommendations

Hand Care

We recommend applying the cream in six easy steps, so that a closed protective film can form on your skin which optimally cares for your hands and prevents them from drying out:


1. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount (around 1 ml) of the cream to the backs of your hands.
2. Rub the backs of the hands against each other to evenly distribute the cream.
3. Distribute the cream in between the fingers on both hands using the backs of your hands.
4. Carefully moisturise your fingers, nails and the nail bed.
5. Then thoroughly rub the cream into the inside areas of the hands.
6. You can then rub the surplus cream onto your wrists.

Hand Cleansing

We recommend to clean your hands always in six easy steps:

STUDIO BOTANIC so reinigst du die Hände richtig
STUDIO BOTANIC wie man die Hände richtig reinigt


1. Moisten your hands with water.
2. Apply one to two strokes from the soap dispenser to the hand.
3. Foam hands on inside and outside (rub soap for 30 seconds).
4. Distribute the foam also between your fingers.
5. Rinse the soap thoroughly with water .
6. Dry hands thoroughly.


Face Care

So that your facial skin is optimally sleek and your face can absorb the nourishing active ingredients optimally, we recommend the following six routine steps:

STUDIO BOTANIC Gesichtscreme Emoji Anwendung
STUDIO BOTANIC Gesichtscreme Emoji Anwendung


1. Thoroughly clean your face with warm water. Alternatively: In addition a washing substance can be used to remove dead skin cells or your make-up.
2. Dry your face with a clean towel. 
3. Optionally, you can use a tonic for the extra cleaning and care effect.
4. Now apply a hazelnut-sized amount of face cream and start distributing it from the chin.
5. Now distribute the cream in circular movements on your entire facial skin.
6. In order for the skin to absorb the nutrients properly, you can additionally stimulate them after application by tapping the cream lightly.