A few thoughts about fragrences in cosmetics

Surely you have already noticed: The world of cosmetics is a world full of scents. There is hardly a shampoo or shower gel that does not smell like something. From vanilla chai to ginger-lemon – there are no limits to your imagination. But why is that? And what are these fragrances based on? Here are some answers:

Even the ancient Egyptians knew about the soothing effect of a pleasant body fragrance and were able to mix special fragrance compositions based on cinnamon bark, myrrh, rose petals, oils or resins. The desire to perfume the body is anything but new. What is new is that today we have a much wider selection of fragrances and ingredients and are able – in addition to natural perfume oils – to create synthetic fragrances that perfume far more than just the body itself.

Perfumes – Complex fragrance compositions with an individual touch

The fragrance composition of a perfume is very complex and is always pyramid-like composed of a top note, a heart note and a base note. When you spray a perfume you will always smell the top note first, which often consists of citrus scents or spicy nuances. Since this is a very intense but also very absconding smell this scent will quickly disappear. After 10 to 15 minutes the heart note comes to light, which forms a connection with your skin and therefore is noticeable for much longer than the top note. The heart note makes up about 50 to 80 percent of the fragrance and builds the actual core of the composition. It is usually composed of flowery scents like roses, carnations or jasmine.
On the other hand the base note enters into a particularly intense and long-lasting connection with your skin and in combination with your fragrance molecules develops a very individual scent that lasts for many hours. Responsible for this are so-called “fixators”, which are often based on spicy or woody flavors such as musk, vanilla or lavender and contribute to the stabilization of the fragrance.
How the fragrance develops on your body depends on many different factors – such as your pH, your hormone balance, your diet or even your age. This is how the phenomenon that one and the same fragrance smells different on each person comes about.

How the fragrance develops on your body depends on many different factors.

The power of perfumes – curse or blessing?

Thanks to the approximately 10 million sensory cells in our nasal mucosa we can detect more than a thousand scents. From the fresh spring meadow to the Christmas gingerbread smell – every fragrance composition awakens certain associations, memories and emotions in us. The sense of smell is therefore a meaning that has the power to move incredibly much in us. Perfume can be used to specifically trigger these reactions.

Problem: Many companies want to use exactly this positive effect for their products, which is why today pretty much everything that accopmanies us in everyday life is perfumed: from the car cockpit over the supermarket to the hair dye or cleaning agent. As a result we are everywhere and constantly surrounded by fragrances and barely able to distinguish synthetic from natural fragrances.

We are everywhere and constantly surrounded by fragrances and barely able to distinguish synthetic from natural fragrances.

Synthetic fragrances – a world of unlimited possibilities

Synthetic fragrances also known as fragrances in the industry are artificially produced by chemical synthesis in the laboratory. Not only nature-identical fabrics are recreated but also completely new fragrances, which are not found in nature can be created. This results in a sheer unlimited range of fragrances. These fragrances are again used in the form of perfumes in the industry, and lend a pleasant fragrance to products such as cleansers, room sprays, creams, shower gels or shampoos. Since the demand for perfumes is correspondingly huge, the demand can no longer be met by natural resources. The industry is therefore dependent on synthetic fragrances. The advantages of synthetic fragrances are particularly evident in the following aspects: The most important advantage for the industry is certainly the cost factor. Synthetic fragrances are significantly cheaper to produce than natural fragrances. In addition they are available indefinitely, last longer and do not fly away so fast. At the same time synthetic fragrances also have many disadvantages: First, they can trigger allergies and intolerances and have an effect on our hormone balance. Because they deposit in nature they can also negatively affect our flora and fauna. In addition to that some compounds are suspected of being carcinogenic.

Natural fragrances – from the sources of nature

Natural fragrances are based on essential oils, extracts and resins and can be obtained from flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds, herbs, wood or even roots. Following the example of the ancient Egyptians. Depending on the raw material – from distillation to pressing – various methods are used to extract the fragrance oil or the fragrance extract. Subsequently, oils and extracts are processed accordingly and are used for example in natural cosmetic products or aromatherapy. Incense of animals, such as the musk ox, are now produced for animal welfare reasons, by the way, only synthetically.
Good to know: Natural cosmetics are only genuine if they use natural essential oils or perfume oils or perfumes based on natural raw materials for scenting or perfuming.

The benefits of natural fragrances are:

  • They are not carcinogenic.
  • They have no influence on our hormone balance.
  • They do not distort our sense of smell.
  • They protect the environment.
  • If properly dosed they are pleasantly unobtrusive.

But even natural fragrances have one or the other disadvantages:

  • The range of fragrances is limited by nature.
  • A few may cause allergic reactions.
  • Natural fragrances go faster. The fragrance in natural cosmetic products can therefore change or weaken over time.
  • The amount of natural fragrances is limited and the availability highly dependent on crop yields

Due to the limited choice and availability of natural fragrances, natural cosmetics manufacturers face some challenges when it comes to fragrancing and perfuming their products. Because, of course, each brand has the claim to be unique and to create a very individual fragrance concept. On the other hand, the natural fragrances ensure the purity and naturalness of the products and ensure that our sense of smell is not unnecessarily distorted by complex, synthetic creations. As a rule, natural cosmetics are perfumed with natural perfumes. Simply because perfumes have the advantage of keeping them longer than individual perfume oils because of their special structure. However, these are perfumes made from purely herbal ingredients. Fragrance oils, pure essential oils, are also used in natural cosmetics. The essential oils used do not smell as long as a perfume, but it is a very pure, natural fragrance, which is discreet and pleasantly unobtrusive in the background. At the same time, the oil has a nourishing effect.

Fragrances at STUDIO BOTANIC

We consciously create our products without unnecessary, irritating or non-natural ingredients. That is why our claim in the area of ​​scenting is also “less is more”. We focus on a few, carefully selected raw materials, which have a certain added value and use them as a subtle botanical scenting. Thus we can usually despence natural parfums. For our STUDIO BOTANIC HAND CREAM and STUDIO BOTANIC COLD CREAM we only use high-quality mandarin – and peppermint oil or rose flower extract for scenting. The oils used by us not only spray a pleasantly fresh scent but also ensure that the skin of the hands remains beautifully smooth and supple. The oils are used so discreetly that although they unfold their effect their fragrance keeps it pleasantly in the background. Our products are not defined by a particular fragrance concept, but by their functions and effects. The fragrances we always agree on the respective function or history of the product and not vice versa. With refernce we always create a minimalistic botanical scent. One of the advantages of this is that our products are easy to understand and the ingredients are transparent.

We consciously create our products without unnecessary, irritating or non-natural ingredients. That is why our claim in the area of ​​scenting is also: “less is more”