The difference between protective and care cream

Most of us cream your hands regularly. Usually with a hand cream because we assume that the formulation of the cream is optimally tailored to the needs of our hands. That’s only half right. Of course, different hands need different levels of care. It is therefore important to know the difference between hand protection and hand care cream in order to optimally care for your skin with all important care substances. Where is the difference between those two creams? We explain it to you!

What is a protective care cream?

Of course, protection and care are not mutually exclusive, which is why most hand creams both protect and care for them. One characteristic of a protective cream is that it absorbs rather quickly and does not or only slightly re-grease. This means: Longer exposure time is eliminated and your fingers leave no ugly fat residue on any objects. So your hands are ready for use again immediately after creaming, which is of course extremely convenient for a hand cream. The special ingredients of the protective cream also ensure that your hands are protected against harmful environmental influences. For example waxes wrap around your skin like a of protective film preventing it from drying out. At the same time oils can keep your skin supple and keep it from becoming brittle or cracked. Thanks to the hand protection care cream your skin will be optimally protected and well sleeked.

One characteristic of a protective cream is that it absorbs rather quickly and does not or only slightly re-grease.

What is a care cream?

Sometimes, for example in winter when our skin is exposed to extreme weather conditions such as cold or dry heating air a normal skin protection cream is not enough. Now your skin needs a little extra care. In this case hand creams are the drug of choice. They are particularly rich and are therefore ideal for intensive care of your skin. If you feel that your hands feel rough and brittle despite regular creaming you should treat them with a richer Hand Cream or a Cold Cream.  These intense creams are particularly well suited for use on dry or reddened skin because their special formulation ensures that even demanding skin areas are sustainably cared for. This may cause that the cream needs a little longer to be absorved by the skin but it is important that you do not deny it if your skin needs extra care.

But it is important that you do not deny it if your skin needs extra care.

Conclusion: It’s all about the right mix.

Optimum protection and ideal care are provided by the combination of protective cream and care cream. The hand protection care cream is well suited as a daily basis care and if your skin needs a little more attention, you can additionally resort to the rich care cream or cold cream. By the way: The difference between protective and care cream is not only relevant for the optimal care of your hands but also applies to your face and your body.

Protective and care creams from STUDIO BOTANIC

We at STUDIO BOTANIC, of course, have both versions in our program: our HAND CREAM, for example offers the perfect mix of protection and care without any greasiness and can perfectly be integrated into your daily routine. While high-quality avocado oil provides your skin with intensive moisture essential vitamins and valuable antioxidants, selected vegan waxes protect your hands from drying out. If your skin needs an extra dose of care we recommend our STUDIO BOTANIC COLD CREAM. As a regenerative care it is ideal for use on dry or reddened skin and you can use it on your body as well as on your hands or face. Plus: The contained olive oil not only provides moisture which can reduce cracks and can help helaing ignitions on the skin. In addition vegan waxes strengthen the protective function of your skin and keep it soft and supple.

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