Alice in Wonderland follows the white rabbit, who takes her into a colorful dream world and gives her many fantastic encounters and experiences. It is similar in natural cosmetics, in which the bunny has a very special meaning.  Although he does not lead the consumer into a wonderland full of madness, he shows him the way to a world without animal suffering. With Alice in Wonderland the rabbit is always in a hurry and, symbolically speaking, has to cope with a difficult task. In the real world this can seem quite crazy. But not at all, when one considers how bitter the reality really is and what a great task the bunny symbolizes in the field of cosmetics. The bunny has no less purpose than to end the worldwide animal suffering for which he has little time. Because every day is already too much. The CRUELTY FREE BUNNY label, which is displayed on all our cream boxes, stands for animal-free cosmetics, without any animal ingredients. Something that is very important to us as a vegan natural cosmetics label, which is why the rabbit  is not only found on our packaging, but also in a very special piece of jewellery: A tube key and a Gua Sha stone designed by Munich-based designer Saskia Diez.


A Gua Sha stone – also called massage stone – is a wellness tool to massage the face and stimulate the blood circulation. It has a decongesting and relaxing effect on the facial features, so that even deep wrinkles can be softened. This gives the skin a more perfused, rosy and fresh complexion.

The stones from the Munich Isar, in Off-black and white, brown-green and other colors are in the shape of a rabbit’s head and bear the diamond logo of Saskia Diez and the SB Signet of Studio Botanic on the front and back. The stones are personally collected by Saskia at the Isar and cut by a renowned stone cutter in Idar-Oberstein.

What is a tube key?

 A tube key – also called tube squeezer – is a tool for emptying cream tubes. With it you can squeeze even the smallest residues out of the tube and the evenly rolling prevents breaking points in the tube. It is a practical, ecological and economical tool that completes our STUDIO BOTANIC aluminium tubes in terms of content and practicality.

Why do we have deliberately chosen aluminium tubes? Find out more here.


The goldsmith and product designer Saskia Diez, who designs jewellery and accessories for her label of the same name, used her design talent for us and created a bunny tube key for us. Saskia Diez is one of Germany’s best-known jewellery entrepreneurs. Her style is characterized by strong lines and thoughtful shapes – clean, reduced and at the same time exceptional. The focus of her work is based on sustainable qualities, local responsible production and a conscious handling of materials – a large part of their precious metal is obtained through recycling.

Tubenquetscher-Saskia-Diez-STUDIO BOTANIC - Wenzel Beuys

For the STUDIO BOTANIC tube key Saskia Diez used stainless steel, which was painted with a matte black lacquer. The shape of the key-is not coincidentally reminiscent of a rabbit head, which is in natural cosmetics and as a signet on our packaging for animal-free products.  With our CRUELTY FREE BUNNY label, we guarantee that all our products are free of animal suffering or animal testing. Various stamps in the bunny head, the SB Signet, the Diamond Signet by Saskia Diez, as well as the X mark as a sign for stainless steel, mark its eyes and moustache. The rabbit ears can be pushed onto the Alu tube and rolled over the ears.

The rabbit – worldwide symbol of animal welfare

Animal welfare is of course extremely important to us, as a vegan and natural cosmetics label. We would like to express this with our CRUELTY FREE BUNNY label and underline it with the special symbolism of our tube key. In addition to that, the rabbit has great significance in art, literature (Alice follows the white hare into Wonderland) and mythology. He is a true adaption- and survival artist with excellent instincts and sophisticated sensory organs. Furthermore, as a particularly fertile animal for the whole fullness of life, it reflects rebirth and resurrection and is found in countless illustrations.


is part of a new generation of modern natural cosmetics manufacturers. Our formulations are purely plant-based yet highly effective, our design modern and at the same time timeless, our production environmentally friendly and efficient, our products easy to understand and available. “Less is more” is our high standard. Because we know that things can be done differently: without animal testing, without chemical additives, without animal ingredients and without a lot of perfume or fragrances. That’s the motivation that drives us. This is an ongoing process that never ends. A philosophy that we always follow. Just as Alice in Wonderland follows the white rabbit into another world, we want to lead the consumer into a better, animal-free, more beautiful world. Follow the Rabbit!

Find out more in our Manifesto.

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