Our Vision

STUDIO BOTANIC is a new generation of vegan natural cosmetics.

Clear, transparent, natural, sustainable.

These values guide us and determine our behaviour and business at all times.


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Caring skin protection for every day

Avocado oil

For intense moisture – Vitamins A, E and D included within and the unsaturated fatty acids protect the cells from oxidative stress and support cell regeneration

Vegan wax

Vegan wax, such as the candelilla wax, carnauba wax and myrica fruit wax used by us, form a continuous film over the skin and nails when applied


Citrus extracts

Mandarin, citrus or bitter orange extracts regulate the pH value of your skin and have a caring effect at the same time. They also even have a disinfecting effect and emit a subtle fresh citrus fragrance

Caring skin protection

The perfect mix of protection and care, without being greasy. This is exactly what Studio Botanic Hand Cream offers, which is optimally suitable for daily use due to its quick absorption, and can be perfectly integrated into your daily life

Our Ingredients

Naturally Effective

We carefully select all of the raw ingredients which our STUDIO BOTANIC products contain and carefully inspect the formulations. We thereby use an amount of raw material which is as little as possible and as much as required to obtain the optimum effect.

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Our Certificates

Quality, authenticity, transparency and honesty form the cornerstones of the STUDIO BOTANIC company philosophy. To be able to offer you optimum safety, we have had our products certified or use certified packaging materials and they meet the strict criteria of the following labels with complete conviction:

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