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Our STUDIO BOTANIC certificates

To be able to offer you optimum safety, we have had our products certified or use certified packaging materials and they meet the strict criteria of the following labels with complete conviction:

studio botanic natrue label


True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

The label focuses on the content-related components of the products and specifies which ingredients are allowed in a natural cosmetic product and how they must be processed. The aim of the label is to support and protect natural and organic cosmetics in the interests of the consumer worldwide. NATRUE uses internationally consistent and valid criteria to do this. The consumers should therefore be able to better orientate themselves on this subject and to identify high-quality natural products at first sight. You can find more information on the NATRUE label guidelines.

Weitere Informationen zu NATRUE Labels findest du hier.

studio botanic vegan label


One world. Many lives. Our choice.  

To offer vegan consumers optimum safety, all manufacturers who wish to register for the vegan label undergo strict controls. Amongst other aspects, The Vegan Society ensures that the manufacturer does not use any animal products and avoids any type of animal testing. The label also argues against the use of animal genes or substances in the development and manufacture of genetically modified organisms.

Weitere Informationen zur Vegan Society findest du hier.

studio botanic cruelty free bunny label


Not Animal Tested and Cruelty Free 

As the producer of natural cosmetics our CRUELTY FREE BUNNY Emoji stands for STUDIO BOTANIC‘s guarantee not to carry out, instruct or play any part whatsoever in animal testing. This goes for all of our products and ingredients – past, present and future. Furthermore do we refrain from sourcing any of our ingredients from producers or suppliers who have tested or have let others test on animals. Anyone we work with must be able to fully guarantee this.

studio botanic fsc label (forest stewardship council)


Forest Stewardship Council

Das FSC-Siegel will mit seinen Kriterien die umweltfreundliche, sozial verträgliche und ökonomisch tragfähige Bewirtschaftung von Wäldern fördern. Um das weltweit anerkannte FSC Zertifikat zu erhalten, muss das Unternehmen nachweisen, dass die eingesetzten Materialien aus FSC-zertifizierten Wäldern stammen oder die Verpackung aus FSC-zertifiziertem Recycling-Material besteht. Wir, von STUDIO BOTANIC, beziehen das Papier unserer Faltschachtelverpackung von der Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund GmbH & Co.KG, die unter der Nummer FSC-C006462 registriert ist.

Weitere Informationen zum FSC-Siegel findest du hier.