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Studio Botanic Naturkosmetik


STUDIO BOTANIC zählt zu einer neuen Generation moderner Naturkosmetikhersteller. Unsere Formulierungen sind rein pflanzlich und dennoch hochwirksam, unser Design modern und gleichzeitig zeitlos, unsere Produktion umweltfreundlich und effizient zugleich, unsere Produkte leicht verständlich und schnell zugänglich.
“Weniger ist mehr“ ist unser hoher Anspruch.

Our Products

Naturally effective

We carefully select all of the raw ingredients which our STUDIO BOTANIC products contain and carefully inspect the innovative formulations. We thereby use an amount of raw material which is as little as possible and as much as required to obtain the optimum effect. We value the following in the composition of our products:

  • Vegan, high-quality and pure, natural raw ingredients.
  • The use of ingredients from certified organic cultivation.
  • The good tolerability of each individual ingredient.
  • The little use of essential oils and natural fragrances for a subtle botanical scent.
  • Avoiding unnecessary, irritating or non-natural ingredients.
  • The certification for natural and vegan formulations and the abandonment of animal cruelty.
  • Our products are unisex and designed to appeal equally to all genders and identities.
  • Products whose modes of functioning and acting are easy and clear to understand.

Our Design

Timelessly modern

Classic tubes and bottles, combined with a minimalist design – the packaging of STUDIO BOTANIC products symbolises the combination of traditional and modern aspects, of nature and technology. The Off-Black design elements on a white background are thereby also reduced and well-dosed for use, like the raw materials used. The following are particularly close to our hearts:

  • Products which are easy to understand using small emojis, which provide a quick overview of the function and operating modes.
  • The timeless design reflects our unisex-character.
  • The visualisation of the most important ingredients for an easy overview.
  • A demanding, minimalist design which is modern and classic at the same time: Off-Black on White.
  • For cream we use aluminium tubes as packaging to inhibit the formation of germs in the product.

Our claim

Better less

Klar, transparent, natürlich, nachhaltig. Diese Werte leiten uns an und bestimmen zu jeder Zeit unser Handeln.

Leere Kosmetikversprechen, zweifelhafte oder überflüssige Inhaltsstoffe und Wirkungen, unverständliche Produktnamen und Bezeichnungen, zu viel Parfum oder ätherische Öle, ein schrilles Design, ein beschränkter Zugang zum Produkt sowie alternative Kosmetikfakten – auf all das können wir gut und gerne verzichten.

This is because we know that it can be done differently: without animal cruelty, without chemical additives, without animal based ingredients. "Less is more" is an important guiding principle of our philosophy, which is authentically reflected in all STUDIO BOTANIC products.


Our Production

Simply fair

Creating high-quality products in harmony with people, animals and nature is our ambitious goal. We chose local, social and environmentally friendly production for this reason. We deliberately avoid long distribution chains and sell our products online and through selected retailer to still be able to offer a fair, cost-effective product. We pay attention to the following criteria for production:

  • Development and production on the site in Germany.
  • Certificates which guarantee the quality of our products.
  • User and environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Quick access to our products using the online sales route.
  • A fair, cost-effective product.

Our Mission

Traditionally progressive

STUDIO BOTANIC symbolises with the word STUDIO the creative process of inventing innovative formulations using modern technologies and applying sustainable, traditional plant knowledge in the spirit of BOTANIC. For our products, we make use of the positive properties and effects of selected, natural raw materials. With the help of scientific knowledge and innovative approaches, we develop highly effective natural cosmetic formulations that always meet the needs for care, protection, cleansing and regeneration, while at the same time ensuring well-being. Our clear, minimalist unisex design and the claim "less is more", draw our attention to the essentials: the high-quality, carefully selected, purely plant-based ingredients and their optimal functionality and effectiveness.