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Wenzel Beuys for STUDIO BOTANIC

Jupp would have changed

Wenzel Beuys

Wenzel Beuys has been a loyal companion of STUDIO BOTANIC since the beginning. Even before the official start of the company he was in dialogue with our founder and took part in the brainstorming process finding a name for our new natural cosmetics idea. It was his Idea to use the word ​​”STUDIO”, the place of creative creation, as part of the brand´s name. As one of the first big fans of our HANDCREAM we are very happy that Wenzel designed and implemented a continuous series of photos for STUDIO BOTANIC products. His private fervor has long been especially in black and white photography. With the series “Wenzel Beuys for STUDIO BOTANIC” he shares his passion with the public for the first time.